Finally At Home

Monson on a Mission

I have always had a place in my heart for kids that don’t have parents or stable families, and have wanted to give them support. When I met my friend, who I now view as my brother, he told me his story. Piece by piece I realized that what he had gone through growing up was horrific and traumatic, both from his biological family, the people around that family, as well as his experience in foster care when he was

removed from the home. When he had aged out of the system he was given a trash bag for his belongings on his 19th birthday and had no place to go. He told me how he would sleep with a pile of teenagers on the exhaust grates of buildings in Alaska to keep from freezing at night. He told me how all the friends he had made in foster care had either been incarcerated or died due to poor life choices or mental health issues. I now see that my purpose is to give these forgotten kids support in moving into adulthood with a dedicated community where they can create healthy and lasting bonds.

It is with this vision that I am partnering with The Purpose Driven Project to mentor young adults on how to build a tiny home of their own.

Emilie Monson