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An investment in youth that have “aged out” of the foster care system is an investment in our community. 

Purpose Driven Project, the young adult's wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards.

Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps young adults reach their goals and fulfill their potential.

Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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"The Purpose Driven Project is on a mission to make a difference and welcome young adults aging out of foster care as people worthy of a home."

The Purpose Driven Project (PDP) has been the vision of J.P. & Audrey Huver since the early 1990’s. While living in Minnesota and volunteering their time as leaders within the youth ministry team, the couple found that many of the young people involved in the program were struggling in school and in their personal lives. The temptations of peer pressure in their environment were strong. The Huver’s decided to help these men and women realize their potential, and in 2015, the foundations for what was to be, were laid.

PDP has provided summer education opportunities to at-risk young people within the United States since 2016. It is an independent, non-profit, non-denominational organization working to help young disadvantaged people find purpose and direction for their lives. Young people attending the Purpose Driven Project found a greater sense of themselves and their potential in life through hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

It is with great excitement that the founders and their family, along with Emilie Monson, prepare for the next step of the program, one that will allow young people ages 18-24 at risk of homelessness to live full time at the PDP camp while they develop job and life skills. According to statistics, every night in America over 40, 000 young people sleep outside, homeless as a result of aging out of our current Foster Care System. They are not only without a place to stay; they lack education, job skills, and hope to become anything other than someone rejected.

For the next step to be successful, the Purpose Driven Project needs community support and this is where you and your organization can help. The program is financed through fundraising activities, grants, and donations. Funding/donations received from your organization will be instrumental in getting the camp so that it can house young people year-round versus only in the summer. Volunteers from LaPlata and Montezuma Counties have been working tirelessly to raise money and begin preparing the camp as a place that welcomes those who have often been cast aside.

The Purpose Driven Project will post frequent updates and requests for donations. Stay tuned and thank you!


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